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i have no fucking clue... [06 Nov 2004|06:50pm]
[ mood | angry ]

all i want is what i can never have.

god i'm so mad at myself...why do i always blow off the person that most likely loves me...or loved me more than anything for someone that doesn't care about me at all. i could of had what i wanted..but instead i ran from him and i knew he truely loved me..why i don't know...i just don't wanna admit i'm scared to be loved and cared for..but i need to face it. i wanted him but i blew my chance. i should just forget about it and move on and learn from mistakes but it hurts so bad to know i hurt him. ahh there's nothing i can do about it and i know, i've tried to fix it many times but each time i fail..i should just do myself a favor and never like anyone ever again cause the fact is i'd rather hurt myself then let someone down. im letting people down, too many people i care about and love. ahh i need to love someone and be loved..like old times...but im too scared.

no this isn't about you...and you know who you are.

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you don't know what its like to be me [02 Nov 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | worried ]

umm...i moved away. now i live in Del Mar.

haven't written in here since forever ago, so i think i'll start again.

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[12 Oct 2004|04:41pm]

my weekend. so fun. me and my sister on the right side with all her friends at knotts. later.

havent written in here in forever.
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BOY OH BOY!! [31 Aug 2004|05:00pm]
[ mood | horny ]

School Sucks Ass.


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[09 Aug 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i ♥ you.

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[05 Aug 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Full name] Ashley Marie Schaeffer
[Date of birth] May 7th 1989
[Age] 15
[Sex] female
[Height] 5'5
[Location] Fallbrook...but in cardiff right now.
[Hair color] Dirty Blonde
[Eye color] Green/Blue
[Sexual perference] Male
[Pircings] Ears
[Tattoos] Someday
[Shoe size] 8 1/2
[Describe yourself in four words] Weird/Funny/Clumsy/horney
[Siblings] 2 Sisters 2 Brothers
. . .
[What do you think of cheerleading] sexy
[Of the people you've kissed, who was the worst kisser] Haha that's my little secret.

[Do you like pickles] yes!
[Do you watch porn] haha...yes.
[Do you have any pets] Dog
[Who are you gonna vote for?] Kerry Bitches.
[Do you have your own phone line] No I'm just not that cool.
[Your thoughts on abortion] if u cant take care of the baby and raise it right then im for it I'm a little of both.
[Do you like Britney Spears] sexyness
[What do you want to do with you life] Be Happy And A MILF
[Ever been butt naked bangin' on the bathroom floor] No
[Would you ever get plastic surgery? If so, on what] Yes!! Boobies!
[Biggest redneck you know] haha Not really redneck but sounds like one anthony
[Do you think foreign accents are sexy] some
[Do you like hot dogs] Not anymore after what i saw at kennys.
[Last time you went to the doctor] Last month
[Ever takin' ballet] yes..When i was 5
[Last time you used the restroom] This Morning.
[Most attractive person you know] JUSTIN. so hot.

[Color] Hot Pink
[Underwear] Thongs
[Coffee cup] Monkey cup not anymore after kenny pissed in it and smashed it into a million peices
[Curse word] Bitches
[Euphemism for sex] WHAT!!

LAST . . .
[CD you listened to] The Killers
[Person you called] Justin
[Person that called you] Matt
[Person you e-mailed] Mother
[Person who e-mailed you] Mother
[Person you kissed] Can't really Say...Probably Justin

[You have a boyf/girl] Kinda.
[You have a crush on someone] Yes
[You wish you could live somewhere else] Yeah Cardiff.
[You think of suicide] Yeah everyone has at some time
[Others find you attractive] Nope, Don't think so.
[You do drugs] nope
[You smoke] nope
[Like roller coasters] YES!
[You write in cursive] Nope
[Believe in love] Yes
[Believe in soul mates] Sure

[Believe in 'love at first sight'] Don't Know but sure.
[Believe in God] Yeah
[Ever cried over a boy] Yeah
[Ever lied to someone] Yes
[Ever been arrested] No
[Ever dated anyone who's in your LJ friend's list] Yes
[Ever considered dating anyone else on your LJ friend's list]Yes
[Kissed anyone on your LJ friend's list] Yes
[Ever been in a fist fight] Yeah, Dumb Bitch.

[Long-distance relationships] For
[Using someone] Against
[Suicide] For
[Killing people] Depends On what the person did.
[Doing drugs] Against
[Pre-marital sex] For
[The taste of blood] Against

WHAT . . .
[Are you scared of] Snakes, And Being alone For Ever.
[Is the most romantic season] Winter
[What are you like in relationships] I Would Say The Bitchy girlfriend.

[Times I've been in love] Twice
[Times I've have my heart broken] A Lot.
[Hearts I've broken] None I Hope
[Boys I've kissed] Like 3
[Girls I've kissed] One
[Of men I've slept with] None Of your business.
[Of women I've slept with] Does Sleeping By count..?
[Of continents I've lived on] One
[Of drugs taken illegally] One
[Of people I would classify as true-could-trust-with-my-life type friends] Three

[What's the best gift you've ever received] Love.
[What's the best concert you've ever attended] Warp Tour
[If you had to give up either music or sex for the rest of your life, which would you pick] That's A Hard One. But Sex.
[What's your favorite bad-for-you food] EVERYTHING.
[What rockstar/rock band would you be a permanent groupie for, no questions asked]Bright eyes
[Who would you lose/re-lose your virginity too, dead or living] Don't Really Know
[Are you a dog person or a cat person] Cat
[Favorite US city] San Diego
[Have you ever made out with more than one person in the same 24 hour period] No
[Have you ever had a romantic/sexual encounter with a rock star] No
[What is the craziest or stupidest thing you've ever done while drunk] Told My Mom.
[What current trend do you think is ridiculous and wish would go away immediately] I Really don't care.

[Said 'I love you' and meant it] Yes
[Been to Florida] Ya
[California] Duh.
[Hawaii] Yeah
[Mexico] Yepp
[China] No
[Japan] No
[Canada] No
[Danced nekkid] Every Fucking Day!

[Apples or bananas] Apples
[Red or blue] Blue

[Backstreet Boys or N*Sync] Neither
[WalMart or Target] Target
[Santa or Rudoloph] Rudoloph He does all the work unlike that fat ass santa.
[Math or English] English
[High school or college] Highschool

[Do you want to get married] Yes
[If so, at what age] Mid 20's or late
[Who will you marry] Someone that i love and loves me for who i am.
[What do you want to do when you grow up]Be a MILF

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BOREDNESS. [04 Aug 2004|06:01pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Read more...Collapse )

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are you kidding me??? [30 Jul 2004|02:06pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Live JouRnals are Gay. blah.

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[19 Jul 2004|10:20am]
blah blah blah blah

cool comfy chair i love it!! its my new bed
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FUN FUN FUN!! [17 Jul 2004|10:30pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Baby Baby It's A Wild WorldCollapse )

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[15 Jul 2004|12:12am]
[ mood | blank ]

Umm Been Laying Out A Lot And Getting A Nice Ass Tan!! YAY! Haven't Been Home In 2 Weeks I Love It..and Someone Else. ATREYU SO HOT! BBBBYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE.

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[13 Jul 2004|09:50pm]
[ mood | awake ]

boys night out
Boys Night Out is writing your life story! You may
sound like a sweet child, but you're really a
ticking time bomb. a sharp tongue with a knack
for making people love you with your infectious

Which Band Is Writing Your Life's Story?
brought to you by Quizilla

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The Story So Far [13 Jul 2004|12:14am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so kiss me and smile for me
tell me that you'll wait for me
hold me like you'll never let me go


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psssh [10 Jul 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | sad ]

its over all over.

i already miss him </3

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Sexy Little Boy [01 Jul 2004|02:05pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Get Up, Get Up Come On, Come OnCollapse )

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Alyssa [29 Jun 2004|01:14pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I Love Alyssa. Probably Haven't Been The Greatest Friend Lately Well I Know I Haven't Cause I've Been Gone. I Miss Her So Much And I Love How After I Haven't Been A Good Friend She Decides That She's Gonna Bring Me A Slurpee. Aww I Miss Her More Now And Realized I Haven't Been A Good Friend At All And I'm Really Sorry But A Lots Been Going On. A Lot. But I Think About It And She's The One That Cares About Me No Matter What.

I Miss You.

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no lies, just love. <3 [25 Jun 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | calm ]

blink was fun. except we showed up an hour late cause there was so much traffic. i got a sweatshirt and you boys are so funny!!. on the way home we almost died cause my sisters dumb sometimes but oh well it was fun. i had fun laughing my ass off watching the boys try to get a gurl to show them her boobs. now im bored and im gonna go. someone please play with me today.

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updating i guess. [23 Jun 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | okay ]

This is a recap of my summer so far.

- Del Mar fair
- Joeys house/ pool which was fun *thanx joey*
- pizza a lot of it
- kenny getting told he steals by a fat outraged man
- justin a lot which i loved.
- watching kenny work *goats*
- sitting on my ass
- playing everyday
- oh ya bryan freaking out over my sisters bong.

summers going fucking great!!

blink tomorrow.

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all i have to say is wtf [11 Jun 2004|11:25am]
[ mood | shocked ]

AHHHH!!! I Wake Up This Morning Then I Had To Crawl Over Like 60 Little Kids Just To Get Cereal!! WTF!! It's Like 9 Am And The Little Motherfuckers Are Everywhere!! Okay My Little Brothers B-day Party Is Like At 3pm And They Just All Shower Up At 9....Why I Have No Clue. All I Know Is That My Space Is Being Invade By 60 Little Video Game Freaks! I Think I May Die.

Oh Yeah My Mom Said I Get Off Grounded On Sunday!! (Bitch)

So I Can Play All Week! WHOOP WHOOP!

Anyways Love You Very Very Much! (Justin Baby I'll See You On Sunday MUAH!!

Justin When He Was A Little Little Kid Collapse )

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FUCK MY MOM!! [09 Jun 2004|05:54pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Yes I'm Grounded For Fucking 2 Weeks Oh Joy!!


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